PrimeTex BD’s quality motto is: “Best quality for each time, every time” by maintaining the highest quality standards at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Quality control is not just a method of inspection but a stage wide system of checks, approvals and suggestions. We have created an independent Quality Assurance team whose responsibility it is to ensure that the buyer specifications (SGS, Intertek, etc.) and standards are met.

Our Quality Procedure:

Material Checking

  • Raw material
  • Finished material
  • Accessories & trims


•Pilot runs to identify potential process issues
•In-line checking
•Review in-line reports and take necessary actions
•In-line inspection
•Pre-inspection during bulk
•Final inspection

Lab Testing :(physical and chemical comes under it)
International testing agencies like TUV, SGS, ULR test the fabrics and provide detailed reports as per buyer specifications.

Physical Test
-All fabrics are tested in our in-house lab before cutting.
(weight, shrinkage, fastness, pilling, twisting)
-Embellishments are tested by our in-house lab during pre-production stage and randomly in bulk production.
(prints, embroidery, sequence, studs, bow)

Chemical Test
All of our products are produced in accordance with international chemical restrictions. We offer to test our products in any accredited international laboratory. We provide all test reports on request.

Mid Inspection
We conduct a mid-inspection on the first lot of fully finished and packed goods besides daily onsite inspections by our QC team.

Final inspection
We conduct a Final inspection just before the shipment to make sure you receive Quality product on time.