Prime Tex BD understands that to help meet client challenges and
opportunities successfully in a global economy

The services which we provide the best sourcing, Buying arrangements, meeting with manufacturers, and co-coordinating from sampling, production to dispatch, quality assurance in production, consolidating shipments etc. We provide all the necessary services to enable a smooth sourcing process and we also give value-added services to enhance the process of sourcing. Our quality services and products have earned has a great reputation among our customers and have helped us carve nice for our company in the market. We present our customers with a cascade of enchanting and beautiful garments in exceptional quality. PrimeTex BDis also into fabric sourcing into garment manufacturing services. Our service can help you find the best manufacturer for almost any type of readymade garments product. We will quote you on a one-cost basis, including all duties, freight, and delivery. If you would like to expand your line, find a lower-cost manufacturer with best quality, or get a quote on an existing item. The main objective of our Company is to reduce your risk by keeping the following issues on our agenda of work:-

To introduce manufacturer who is capable of manufacturing as per buyer requirements.

-To check production capacities and quality capabilities of Companies
-To ensure that the quality is built into the product sample and manufacturing processes.
-To check the correct material and component are used for production.
-To check quality at start of production.
-To check conformity as per samples and order during production.
-To inspect quality, quantity, packing prior to shipment.
-To witness loading of inspected consignment.
-To carry out other special instruction of buyers.

We also undertake developments, products sourcing, as per buyer’s specification. In a nutshell we can assist you in outsourcing wide range of products from Bangladesh.

Best services Customization Capabilities in context with the segment of our production, it is pertinent to mention that facilitated with in house product designing and developing division, it runs on assembly lines. We pay due regards to our customers soliciting their invitation to exercise their discretion for checking the quality and specifications at any level or process.

PrimeTex BD do realize the significance of customers time bound requirements of merchandise. Taking care of the same we emphasize on effecting deliveries well within the time. We have long standing relations with selected C&F and shipping agents. These agencies are dexterous in the documentation work and have good arrangements for lifting the goods from the warehouse& off loading the same at the relevant shipping points. They undergo all the clearing formalities and ensure those packages are intact and wholly and safely loaded for shipment.

Communication facility On the front of communication, we have at our ease dependable network. This network establishes expeditious linkage amidst various places. As a sequel of it, there is neither the communication gap nor any inadvertence or delay in the placement of orders, negotiations, documentations and supplies.

Warehousing Facility The well planned construction of warehouse for systematic, safe, easy to locate& handle, convenient storage of the merchandise acts as an instrument for placement of goods and their speedy delivery. This also helps us in successfully carrying out the procurement and delivery schedules.

Packaging In view of the nature of the products, the primary and secondary packaging being indispensable, we take due care in this context. We make use of the best quality packaging material obtaining the same from our regular and reliable manufactures.

Inspection from buyer side We have a highly skilled Inspection group for third party final inspection with sheer dedication and devotion and ensure your quality level. Our Extra service PP Meting and Dupro Inspection(After 20% Pack)

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